Nowhere is as inspiring as the outdoors.

The outdoors is an ever-changing global playground.  It lives and breathes.  And whether you chase a swell, a blizzard or ride across the desert, it is in those experiences that we learn about ourselves and each other. 

Where is Your Outdoor?

We spend our lives in a digital world where our experience is viewed through the lens of others, with a quick swipe and a like. 

We don’t accept that.

ANDER is a lifestyle company.  It is a company that makes products for the outdoors.  We look to provide you with comfortable clothing with technical features made from sustainable fabrics to let you focus on your experiences.

We come from a background in the outdoors, evolving and changing as the seasons and locations dictate.  We wear many different brands and fabrics, yet we always seem to need one more jacket or t-shirt.  Why can’t we take a couple items with us instead of packing “just in case”.  Why can’t we wear the same piece as a base-layer shirt while snowboarding in the winter and as a t-shirt while hiking in the summer? 

It shouldn’t be this hard.

Our brand is a collection of goods that you can do what you want – pack light, pack for any condition with a great fit with an even better feel.  Technical, sustainable clothes that look and feel as premium cottons with all the benefits of ultra-technical poly.

And once that is all done, we’ll introduce some art collections and collaborations and partner with companies that inspire us.

As a brand, we expect a lot from ourselves.  We are selfish and driven and look to work hard to create something unique.  Since we aren’t satisfied with what is already out there, we are going to make some stuff and share it with anyone that feels the same way.

We’ll see you in the outdoors.